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Ashland to Crater Lake to Ashland

I’m back in Ashland after a night at the Crater Lake Lodge with the Atom. I’ll be here until Saturday as Brammo makes some tweaks to the car to better accomodate my oversize frame. I’ll post some pictures on Friday – I left my adapter with the rest of my trip supplies at Brammo.

First impression – this car is very easy to drive. The transmission / clutch feel is incredible, particularly as this is a new car, which tends to be tempermental. The car feels like it is glued to the road – I was hearing tire squeal from the cars that were following me as they tried to keep up in the curves.

I’ve made a few suggestions to the folks at Brammo for new options, which may or may not appear in time.

I’ll be getting a helmet intercom fitted here in Ashland so I can follow my GPS directions (from the PC I have with me). I got lost on the way to Crater Lake, but it was the most fun I’ve ever had getting lost.

The car gets lots of attention wherever it goes. People are surprised to hear it is made right here in Oregon.

By the way, DMV was a breeze – with my out-of-state driver’s license, an insurance card, and the Certificate of Origin from Brammo, I was on my way with 2 temporary trip plates (21 days each) for $40 total in less than 20 minutes, a lot of which was taken up by talking about the car.

The car, facing the Crater Lake Lodge:


Wizard Island in Crater Lake:


An ancient evergreen clinging to the crater rim: