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Santa Barbara to Huntington Beach

Had an interesting day today. I met up with a number of folks, first Nick and Will from the Atom forums at Neptune’s Net (they took a lot of pictures which may eventually find their way to this site), and then a bunch of friends from another car forum here in Huntington Beach. I’ll be taking a gap day here, then heading to Crystal Cove on Saturday morning (I’m told I should park across from the Starbucks, but we’ll see).

Friday I’ll be taking in the local beach sights as well as having some adjustments made to the car.

Oh, and for those who were asking for mileage numbers, tonight ended up at around 1400 (I don’t have the exact number as I didn’t make a note of it when I parked the car for the night, but the last time I remember looking it was at 139x). Leave off 100 miles or so for various tests and adjustments at Brammo (they asked to make sure I was Ok with this – we all felt it was a really good idea given the long trip I was taking).