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Huntington Beach Gap Day

Nothing too exciting to report about today – I spent the morning having the clutch adjusted at a local Chevrolet dealer (the Atom generated some strange looks when I rolled in, but the only real problem was deciding how to write up the paperwork  – finally they decided to write it as a Cobalt with the Atom’s VIN). Very good service for a roll-in visit with a car they weren’t expecting.

I spent the afternoon in a coin-op laundry catching up with the dirty laundry – I really didn’t want to take a load of dirty clothes to Death Valley tomorrow! I also picked up some detailing supplies so I can try to clean the grime off the car tonight before Crystal Cove.

Saturday early morning I’ll be at Crystal Cove, probably across from the Starbucks as I hear that’s the good spot to get, then I’ll be coming back to the motel and loading up the car for the run to Death Valley. For some inexplicable reason, a gaggle of foreign tourists (their words) have booked the entire Stovepipe Wells concession in Death Valley. Why they’re there in the hot (117 degree) off season escapes me, but I got the last room at Panamint Springs, just at the entrance to Death Valley. 

Don’t expect any posts Saturday night as there is no cellular service in Death Valley. Hopefully I’ll have a mega-post Sunday night after I make it to Barstow, but it depends on how tired I am…