Danville, IL

As expected, I’m in Danville, Illinois tonight. That’s just on the border with Indiana. For those of you who know the area, I’m just past the hump in the Interstate where the potash plant (not to be confused with a potato plant) is. There’s an ambitious “Danville Convention Center” marked on the map, but it doesn’t seem to have happened. If you know Danville, you’ll understand why.

I’m in the Hampton Inn, but I had to go the front desk repeatedly to ask them to tell people to pipe down. They say there’s 3 family reunions and 2 weddings here. It sounds more like a cross between a cattle auction and a gang fight, however. I was willing to cope with the people across the hall slamming their doors into the security latches (they were using them to keep the rooms unlocked), but the drum solo that was apparently going on above my head was just too much. Things seem to have settled down now – hopefully I’ll get a good night’s sleep. If not, I’ll take them up on their “100% satisfaction guarantee” and get a refund.

Saturday I’m going to try to make it to Columbus, Ohio. Rain is forecast for the middle of Ohio, though, so I may have to stop earlier, or worse stay here at the rodeo for another day.

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