Belle Vernon, PA

Today was a beautiful, warm day in Dayton, Ohio. Still no sign of Nastassja Kinski, though the black leopard sightings continue…

As I drove through the center of Ohio, it got colder and darker, with lots of clouds overhead. By the time I got to eastern Ohio, I was driving through a light rain mist, and there was standing water on the shoulder of the highway. As I crossed through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania, the skies got even darker – everybody was driving with their headlights on – and lightning was visible in the clouds a few miles to the north.

So I decided to stop a little sooner than I had planned, in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Of course, by the time I’d checked into the hotel, schlepped all of my luggage up to the room, and parked the Atom and got the cover on it, the clouds were parting and the sun was peeking out. It figures…

Anyway, this leaves me with 350 miles to go to New York City, and I’m going to try to do all of that on Wednesday – it’d be silly to stay somewhere when I’m only 50 miles from home or so. It is supposed to be sunny and in the 70’s the whole way to New York, so that should be good.

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