This site and the trip are dedicated to my Dad, Norman Kennedy (1927-2004). Some of my earliest memories are of all of us piling into the family car (a Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint which he imported from the manufacturer himself) and driving up to Lime Rock. My Mom and I would sit in lawn chairs on the hillside while my Dad would be on the track in the family car.

He owned a succession of cars, always “unusual” imports – the Alfa, a Triumph, an Austin Healey, and so forth.

Eventually my Mom convinced him that being a weekend race car driver wasn’t consistent with being married with a kid, so he turned his efforts toward modeling, cars as well as other types such as ships, planes, and historical miniatures (some of his models are on display at the Intrepid in NYC).

He wound up with a series of more mundane cars – several Fiats and a few Toyotas, before finally purchasing his first American car, a Camaro, in the 1980’s.

My Dad inspired my love of cars, particularly the unusual ones. If he were alive today, he’d be eagerly following the construction of my Atom, and I’m sure he’d not only make the trip with me, but insist on driving at least half of it…

Circa 1970