Coralville (Iowa City), IA

Last night and tonight I’m in Coralville, Iowa just south of Iowa City. That’s about 60 miles or so from the Illinois state border. Once I hit the Illinois border, I’ll head down I-55 / I-74 to the eastern edge of Illinois in Danville.

I’m staying over another night in Coralville tonight because weather to my east was bad today, with thunderstorms across most of Illinois. Also, it was quite cold and windy here this morning, with the wind actually partially pulling the cover off the Atom. There’s no rain forecast for Friday, with a high of 65 / low of 36 here in Coralville, and a high (if you can call it that) of 61 in Danville. Saturday morning will be even colder in Danville, high of 58. Looks like fall is finally arriving. I hope to make it to Columbus, Ohio on Saturday night; Bedford, PA (high of 52) on Sunday night, and get home to New York on Monday. That all depends on whether I run into rain, or a forecast of rain, along the way. Right now, the extended forcasts look Ok through western Pennsylvania, but there is a possibility of rain in central Pennsylvania, through New Jersey, and into New York.

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