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So, they decided to throw me a hurricane 8-(

I’m in Pigeon Forge today and when I looked out my window this morning, there was a torrential downpour. Looking at the weather (on the computer and on TV), this is the first wave of rain being pushed north by Hurricane Ernesto. I decided to stay here through Sunday (tentatively) to hopefully let the storm move ahead of me and push the rain out of the way. The motel says that most of their guests either checked out and ran, or extended their stays to ride the storm out here. With an open car like the Atom, I’m definitely in the “stay put and stay dry” group.

If I leave Sunday, I can still make my ferry appointment in Delaware on Tuesday afternoon, but that means I’ll be taking the interstates instead of the scenic route.

Stay tuned for updates. I’ll also be filling in the details on the last few days, since I have time to waste now…

Update: Here’s what the weather looks like outside my motel window. It has been like this all day. Hopefully the hurricane will sweep all of this bad weather along with it, leaving me a few decent days.