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Ashland gap day

I spent the day in Ashland getting things together for the main part of my trip. All of the people at Brammo were absolutely wonderful, taking time to get things “just right” for me (which mostly meant adjusting the seat and pedals for my oversize frame). We figured out how to get the odometer to display on the Microdash, since as delivered it displays lap times instead of mileage. There are still a bunch of things I need to figure out on the dash, but at least now I know how far I’ve gone.

I also had an Autocom intercom fitted to my helmet, so I can hear the directions generated by my GPS (I have a PC with me, running GPS mapping software – the same software that generates the trip maps on this site).

I have to say again how wonderful everyone at Brammo has been – I think I’ve talked to most of the people in the company this trip (a number which has grown quite a bit from last time I visted) and everyone is excited to be a part of the Atom. This is far more than “just a job” for everybody – people are happy and looking forward to new challenges. Tom and Dan were especially involved in getting my car just the way I wanted it.

Also, if you’re coming to Ashland for a test drive or to pick up your car, I recommend the Windmill Inn – it is just a few blocks from each of the Brammo locations.