Archive for August 17th, 2006

Scottsdale / Springerville / Albuquerque, NM

I did a night run from Scottsdale to Springerville to avoid the last of the heat. By the time I got into the canyons in the Superstition Mountain range, it was downright chilly. But I’d rather be cold than hot. Running the canyons in the dark at speed was quite an adventure – I wish I had some video gear so you could see it.

This morning I did a daytime run from Springerville to Albuquerque, NM. The skies were overcast part of the time, but I only got a brief drizzle. However, I did encounter a flooded part of the highway (the Atom handled it quite well) and got the car wet / dirty. After arriving here in ABQ, I called a mobile detailer to the hotel to clean up the car, which went quite well.

I’m at the Doubletree downtown until Saturday morning – if you’re in the area, give me a call on the hotline to schedule a timeĀ / place to meet.

Once I leave here, expect the pictures to start appearing again.