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Sweetwater, TN (near Tellico Plains)

Wednesday is Tail of the Dragon day, assuming the weather is decent. I should have some good picures for you tomorrow.

I have a story to share with you now that it is over with a happy ending. On the way to Sweetwater, the Atom and I got thoroughly soaked (and dried out, and soaked – repeat over and over) and my SPA Microdash managed to get full of water (it wound up looking like one of those “executive desk ornament” wave gizmos). The elements on the bottom of the unit were completely inoperable, and the ones further up were flickering on and off and barely visible behind the condensed water droplets on the faceplate.

I called Brammo at 3:35 PM their time, and they managed to scrounge up a replacement display assembly and send it out to me, along with a tube of silicone goop, replacement cable ties and different screws, all before FedEx’s cutoff time of 4:00 PM at Medford. That means that they got this all together and driven up to the FedEx terminal at the airport within 25 minutes! (I bet they used an Atom to drive it there!)

The next day, Tom from Brammo called me back and asked if FedEx had arrived yet (they hadn’t). He said he’d arrived at the office early in the morning to talk to SPA UK and that SPA said the unit was completely waterproof and what happened was impossible.

When I received the new display and installed it (it worked fine), I called Tom back to find out how he wanted the old one sent back (what speed service, and to Brammo or directly to SPA). He said that SPA UK called him back and it turns out there was a newly-hired employee on the SPA assembly line in the UK, and that “some number” of Microdash units (for everyone, not just Brammo) are missing the sealing O-ring between the front and back halves of the display.

After all was said and done, I was able to get under way on schedule the next day, with no delays whatsoever.

This is outstanding service from Brammo and I can’t say enough good things about them. Occasionally I read on various boards how people are concerned about after-sale support for an Atom they’re thinking of buying, and I can say that you’ll have absolutely no problems. Brammo is a class act through-and-through.