Final appearance of the trip

Tomorrow, September 12th, I’ll be making the final scheduled appearances of the trip. The public appearance is at the Empire State Building on 34th St. at approximately 1:30 to 1:50 PM. I’ll also be in various places in Queens and Westchester later on –┬ádrop me an email if you’d like the locations and times of these non-public appearances.

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    September 12th, 2006 21:34

    Great trip terry. I for on appreciate the blog you have been keeping.

    One question- were you hassled by the police on the trip at all due to the legality of the atom on the road or was it smooth sailing?

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    Terri Kennedy
    September 12th, 2006 23:53

    Thanks! No, I didn’t have much trouble. Reciprocity between the states means that a private auto registered in one state is legal in other states (this doesn’t apply to vehicles used in commerce, like trucks). In SF, I was pulled over because the police didn’t have access to the Oregon database. They can radio their dispatcher and say “Can you check on a blue Musting w/ Oregon #…?”, but in this case they were “Can you check on a purple, gray, and black ummmm… What the heck is that?”.

    At the Empire State Building I was asked to leave (after having my paperwork checked) because I was creating a “security incident”.

    On the NJ Turnpike, some state troopers who were pulling over trucks for inspection yelled “Is that legal?” and I yelled back “Got plates!”.

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