Westcliffe to Glenwood Springs

The previous post just covered Independence Pass, one stop along today’s route. I figured I’d write another post with more general info. In Westcliffe this morning, I met up with another Colorado Atom fan who has a car on order, and I took him for a test ride.

I’m in Glenwood Springs now and will be heading to Mount Evans tomorrow. That’s the highest paved road in the continental US, at 14,260 feet (4 feet shy of the summit). After driving that, my Atom will have been on both the lowest (Badwater Basin, Death Valley, -282 feet) and highest roads in the US.

After Mount Evans, I’ll try to swing through Tiny Town, CO (just to get a picture of the sign) and stay the night somewhere near Denver. After that, it is a series of 300+ mile days to get to Illinois for the weekend.

Tonight I changed my trip plate (the first one actually expires tomorrow, but I swapped it a day early as the weather was good and I had lots of free time) and washed the car at one of those self-serve places with a pressure hose with various forms of goop. After filling the floorpan with water, I took it to the vacuum and emptied it with the vac.

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    August 22nd, 2006 05:15

    Sounds like you are having way too much fun out there. Probably feel more like a fish the last few days huh?

    Motorsports photography is an interest of mine. Make sure you get the Atom below the Tiny sign. You’ve been taking some really nice landscape shots. I just want to see more of the Atom in the location shots. That sunset from last week was awesome. Do you have any with the Atom and the sunset? Would make the perfect desktop picture.

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