Sloan, IA

Tonight I’m in Sloan, Iowa which is a wide spot in the road a few miles south of where Sioux City, IA is supposed to be. There was a lot of road construction there, with most of the signs removed. I saw a sign for North Sioux City, and the next one I saw was for South Sioux City. Somewhere in the middle, plain old Sioux City was hiding.

This may not be entirely the fault of the highway department – the map on my PC shows the main east-west roads in Sloan to be (in order from south to north):

  • 110th Street
  • 100th Street
  • 330th Street
  • 320th Street
  • 310th Street

Sloan Mystery Map

Nestled in between 330th Street and 320th streets are 1st Street to 8th Street, running in the reverse order of the 330th – 320th sequence. Apparently, whoever laid out this grid failed math.

Sloan Mystery Map

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