Walcott, IA

After a day and a half of having the Atom refuse to start (which eventually turned out to be a bad connection up in the nose), I made it to Walcott, IA today. That puts me a little less than a day behind schedule. If I’m not delayed by rain I should arrive in California on the 7th as planned. My schedule has a bunch of 350-mile days except for one 235-mile day where I’d planned to pose the Atom in front of the Bonneville Salt Flats sign. I can skip that if I need to make up time.

I’d like to thank the entire Atom Club community for all of their support and offers to send parts and help troubleshoot things; to the folks at Andy Mohr Chevrolet outside Indianapolis, who took the car right away and worked non-stop on it even though they had no shop manuals or wiring diagrams for it; to Tom Smurzynski, a true friend of the Atom and an all-around great guy for helping with the troubleshooting and supporting the dealer; and especially to my friend HJ who dropped everything he was doing in order to get replacement parts ready for FedEx in the 15 minutes before the cut-off for pickups.

1150 miles so far on this trip.

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