Somerset, PA

I’m in Somerset, PA again today. Last night the weather forecast for today was very poor, and the Weather Channel was reporting tornado and hail alerts along my route west, so I decided to stay in Somerset another day.

When I went out for breakfast this morning, rain started coming down as I was walking back to the hotel, and the sky was grey all the way to the west, so that’s when I decided to stay.

Of course, the rest of the day here was nice. But the various web sites say that there was rain to the west, so it is probably a good thing I stayed over.

On the way here, I stopped in Carlisle (just before the PA Turnpike) for a break. On the way out, there were a large number of GTO’s lined up at the gas station. They were behind me from there onto the Turnpike, and snapped some pictures. Here’s a sample:

Photo credit: SK360 via Atom Club

It is only fair that I return the favor:

I’ll be moving on to Richmond, IN on Tuesday. So far, the weather along my route should be good until at least Friday.

For those keeping track of mileage, 370 miles so far on this trip.

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